Hahn-Bin, a 22-year-old South Korean-born violinist, forgot the 18th century instrument, made by Giovanni Francesco Pressenda, in a yellow cab on his way back home from a Long Island concert on Monday, the New York Post reported.

It was only after the exhausted fiddler had taken a shower in his Chinatown apartment that he realised what had happened.

He immediately called the city’s taxi authorities – and the police.

The taxi dispatcher had little trouble tracking down the taxi: all yellow cabs are fitted with GPS trackers. Overnight records revealed that Hahn-bin had been dropped off by Dalbir Singh, before the driver finished his shift and drove home to New Jersey, where the violin was safely waiting.

“Losing an instrument is a greatest fear, even more than making a mistake on stage,” Hahn-Bin was quoted as saying.

The absent-minded musician was not the first to forget an instrument in a New York taxi. In 2001, Lynn Harrell left her 328-year-old cello, worth $4 million, in the back of a taxi. And in 1999, the cellist Yo-Yo Ma forgot his instrument, which was worth $2.5 million.

Both musicians were eventually reunited with their instruments.

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