When did the Statue of Liberty turn green? Who was the first woman to run for mayor of NYC? And did you know that NYC has an all-women’s roller derby league?

The above questions and many more are asked and answered through a series of one-minute videos on New York City’s newly launched network NYC Media, which will curate content for “NYC Channel,” now available for view in City taxi cabs.

The network will feature a variety of city-centric content, including an inside look at the latest events, helpful hints for finding a job, PSAs about city services, restaurant profiles, recycling tips, glimpses into local parks and neighborhoods and more.

NYC Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky refers to the network as possibly “the most fun you’ll ever have in a taxicab!”

“It also represents a new kind of informational resource to help people benefit from everything our exciting and dynamic City has to offer,” he said.

In addition, new technology will give passengers the opportunity to participate in surveys at the touch of a button. The surveys will be rotated in such a way as to prevent passengers from seeing the same survey more than once, even if they take multiple taxicabs in the course of a day.

The new capability also will allow the city to gather data on a multitude of issues and topics it hopes to use to make changes and formulate policy.

“New York City is famous for people who enjoy making their opinions known, and we look forward to helping them do that,” said Yasky.

Also as part of the launch of the new channel, New York City residents can audition to become the “Next Taxi Star.” From now until November 1, New Yorkers can submit their 30 second video auditions to NYC Media on nyc.gov explain why they should be the “Next Taxi Star.”

The winners will appear in an introduction video that will play in cabs at the beginning of every ride.
Click here for additional details and official rules.

Taking a taxi will no longer be such a painful process, as now New Yorkers can be entertained, help shape policy and learn something new with each ride.

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