A race car painted to mimic the iconic NYC checkered yellow cab design will burn rubber at a five hour NASCAR race on Sunday in Pennsylvania, y’all! The new car, #43, belongs to the team led by Richard Petty, who as everybody knows is the most decorated driver in the history of NASCAR racing. But will NASCAR fans embrace a car that’s all tarted up to look like some city slicker’s golden chariot? The jeers are already outnumbering the cheers on the team’s Facebook page, where one fan opines, “Disgusting—the 43 should be only one color, and it ain’t taxicab yellow!”

But Richard Petty Motorsports says this is only the beginning. The Ford Fusion is sponsored by Medallion Financial, which plans to sponsor several more taxi-themed race cars this season. Get used to it, NASCAR Fans—it’s only a matter of time before some fruitcake Broadway producers decide to shove a rainbow-colored sparkle car down your throats! Better yet, a nanny-state mayor could put a bike lane in!

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