Climb into a cab these days and you’re entering the Yassky Zone.

As in David Yassky, New York’s Taxi and Limousine commissioner, the star of the latest annoyance thrust upon the public by Team Bloomberg — an obnoxious 40-second TV ad beseeching riders to vote for the “Taxi of Tomorrow.”

Those who’ve seen it understand: 40 seconds of David Yassky go a very long way indeed.

And the message can’t be muted.

See, Ford’s ubiquitous Crown Victoria is being discontinued, so the city is choosing a new design to rule the roads for a decade, starting in 2014.

Yassky wants you to “have your say.”

The problem: All three finalists look like nothing so much as canary-yellow East German Stasi police vans — so what difference does it make?

The future is here — and it’s ugly.

But pity the poor cabbies — they have to listen to Yassky yak 50 times a day.

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