Complaining about lousy taxi rides could soon be within arm’s reach of passengers.

New taxi chief David Yassky wants the touchscreens in the back of yellow cabs to allow riders to provide complaints or commendations on their trip — information similar to what someone would log by calling 311, he told The Post.

“We’re looking for people to provide feedback about their cab experience,” he said. “And possibly beyond that.”

The idea is one of many Yassky has kicked around since taking over the Taxi and Limousine Commission last month.

His grand plan includes upgraded GPS systems and a request for proposals to create a “Taxi of Tomorrow” — a more high-tech car that would eventually replace every cab in the fleet.

The new taxi czar also said he hopes more people build taxi-related smartphone apps, like the one that tells users the best place to hail a ride.

Yassky said officials are still crunching numbers to figure out how many hacks took part in the $8.3 million taxi-overcharge scam.

He said the commission recently received its first complaint from a passenger using new backseat screens that alert a rider when the fare is changed from the citywide rate to a suburban rate.

The eagle-eyed passenger was able to instantly report that the driver was charging the higher suburban rate, even though they were within city limits.

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