A new survey of New York City taxi riders finds their chief complaint is that fares are too high.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission unscientific survey of riders — who took the poll on the backseat video screen — found that 46 percent find the price too high.

The standard rate is $2.50 plus 40 cents for each one-fifth of a mile when the cab is going 6 mph or more, or per 60 seconds when not in motion. There are also night and peak surcharges.

Aggressive driving was riders’ second-biggest complaint, and 9 percent said there are not enough taxis that are wheelchair-accessible.

Some 43 percent said they found the rooflight availability signals confusing.

The poll is a mix of three to four questions, and the TLC has received more than 113,000 responses so far. Some 62 percent of respondents said they lived in New York City and 22 percent were tourists.

The positive responses included 79 percent rating their communication with their driver as “good” or “great.” And 27 percent said they were happy not to own a car.

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