nyc taxi roof light
Are they on duty or are they off duty?
Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when and when you cannot flag down a New York City cab.

“I never know what it means,” one tourist said when talking about the light on top of the taxi’s.

That’s why the Taxi and Limousine Commission says it may be time for a change.

“We’re redesigning the taxicab from top to bottom and this is a very visual aspect of that,” Ashwini Chhabra with the Taxi and Limousine Commission said.

The roof light system in place now has four different combinations, which can be difficult to decipher.

“We are considering a total redesign. So one outcome could be an “on” or “off” light,” Chhabra said about a simpler form of a taxi light.

A single central light, could become a central beacon of hope for people wanting to get off the sidewalks and on to their destinations.

“It would be nice to have just one light to say if it’s on duty or off,” one man we talked with said as he was on his morning commute.

The Commission doesn’t know when a decision about the cab lights will be made, but they are currently sorting through feed back to see what people want.

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