Cab rides in New York City are about to get a little less expensive. If you’re willing to scoot over a bit, that is.

Group ride rates will become available in certain New York City taxis starting Friday. Like a bus route, those cabs will have designated start and drop-off locations for passengers willing to share a cab with a stranger. The special cabs will operate during the morning rush hours, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Here’s the list of stops:

– W. 57th St. and Eighth Ave. with dropoffs allowed on Park Ave. between 57th St. until 42nd St.

– W.72nd St. and Columbus Ave. with dropoffs on Park Ave. from 72nd St. to 42nd St.

– E. 72nd St. and Third Ave. with dropoffs on Park Avenue from 72nd St. to 42nd St.

Fares will run between $3 and $4 per person, which works out to be about half price for each individual. A combination of cash or a credit card will be accepted.

“(Drivers) will go to the stands because they’re gonna make more money than if they took one person on the meter,” Taxi and Limousine commissioner Matthew Duas said. “Passengers are going to pay much less than if they just took the cabs by themselves.”

TLC employees will be available at the stands in the early going to assist riders. Public service announcements will also be posted in cabs to promote and explain the program.

Later this year, riders who aren’t at the designated stops will also be able to hail specially marked “ride sharing cabs” that may already be carrying passengers.

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