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Most cabbies complain about nyc car service cars picking up people who hail them from the street. That is an illegal thing to do, but these drivers are at least licensed professionals who have the job of specifically driving passengers around in all parts of New York City, some of the neighborhoods aren’t so safe either, so it is an unwritten rule to look the other way with this behavior. Everybody has to make a living, and these drivers are at least licensed by New York City to drive New Yorkers around.

What bothers me is a particular rare breed of taxicab that is not even licensed by New York City. Rather these cars, older yellow Ford Crown Victorias with various taxicab stickers designed to look similar to the official NYC taxi stickers, is licensed to operate in another town in New York State. Legally these taxis, are supposed to pick-up people in Westchester County or wherever, not in New York City. I shoudn’t be seeing them going a crosstown, I shouldn’t be seeing them cruising the Lower East Side and Williamsburg at 3am on the weekends, and I definitely shouldn’t be seeing them parked across the street from a hotel. It is one thing to be picking up people illegally, but this cab takes it one step further by lying to customers, pretending it is something it isn’t.

The value of a New York City taxi medallion is $800,000 dollars now, and these cabs don’t have a medallion.
The pricing on the meter is unregulated and officially stated on the door to increase every 6th of a mile, while the legal taxicabs have a regulated meter that increases every 5th of a mile.
Because these cabs are not regulated by the Taxi and Limousine Commission, they follow absolutely none of the rules of the commission. This car is too old to be a yellow cab, the meter charges more, they do not take credit cards, who knows what else is wrong with this.

For all I know there could be 4 or 5 of these cars working for a company illegally. Here are my pictures:

NYC Yellow Cab Fake

I saw this car at 83rd street or 85th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The car was parked there all day long, which convinces me that the owner lives in the neighborhood, which I might add is the wealthiest neighborhood in New York City. The following 7 pictures are of the same car. each picture is examining decals on the cab which are similar but different from official New York licensed decals, designed to give the customer enough confidence to ride in this car. 3 more pictures are posted of another cab I’ve seen more recently driving around New York City doing the same thing.

YellowCabNYC Fake

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