Gladys Tito, 50, from Queens holds up one of hundreds of free sirloin burger lunches distributed by the owners of Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse.

Fifth Avenue has never seen a more orderly line of yellow cabs before.

Taxis queued up outside of Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse for free steak burgers and fries Wednesday afternoon.

They even got the lunches delivered to their windows.

Gladys Tito, of Queens, one of the few women cab drivers in the city, said she knows the restaurant and recommends it to her passengers.

“It’s why I came,” she said.

It was all part of Taxi Appreciation Day.

And like anything free in these hard times, the cabbies came by the hundreds to the newly-opened steakhouse between 28th and 29th streets.

“The city does a lot of things for us,” said Jack Sinanaj, one of the owners. “We thought it would be nice to do something for them.” His cousin and co-owner, Ben Sinanaj, agreed.

Matthew Daus, commissioner of the city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission, helped hand out the free grub.

“The drivers work hard,” Daus said. “We’re here to show appreciation and support.”

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