DDS Wireless International Inc. announces today that its Taxicab Technology Enhancement Agreement with the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City (“TLC”) has come to the end of its term and DDS will, in cooperation with TLC, be phasing out its participation in the program.

As participant since 2006, DDS has established itself as a leading vendor of passenger self-service fare payment and mobile media technology. The program has proven the market acceptance of passenger self-service fare payment by credit and debit card in the rear seat of the taxicab, with the use of payment cards in taxicabs with DDS technology reaching 50% of total transactions. It has also seen the widespread implementation of screen-based delivery of advertising and other content in the passenger zone. In combination with its market leading computerized taxicab dispatch technology, DDS is uniquely placed to provide end-to-end taxicab technology solutions to dispatched fleets of all sizes.

The NYC program is designed to serve the city’s medallion taxicabs, which, unlike other metro markets, pick up passengers from the street or from taxi stands and are not dispatched. DDS’ focus for the integration of passenger zone systems is medium to large sized taxi fleets in metro markets where dispatch is a fundamental and strategic taxi business process.

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