Hailing a Cab
Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued to defend his proposal to allow taxi street hails in outer-boroughs and the sale of additional medallions — even as the legislation remains unsigned by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

During his weekly appearance on WOR, Bloomberg made another pitch, saying that selling more medallions would bring in $1 billion for the city at no cost to taxpayers.

“Given the deficits we’re facing, given what’s happening in the stock markets and, you know, that translates into business, we desperately need the revenue, and here’s $1 dollars with no pain,” the mayor said.

The governor still hasn’t taken a position on whether to sign the bill.

Some cab owners claim the plan will destroy the value of the medallions. Bloomberg said the city’s job is not to protect medallions, but to provide better service to residents of areas where yellow cabs don’t ordinarily go.

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