The Taxi and Limousine Commission will quiz the city’s 500,000 riders each day on local taxi knowledge. Suggestions for more questions are also encouraged.

The city is offering another cure for cab riders suffering from backseat boredom: taxi trivia.

Sample questions include, “Which mayor is responsible for requiring all New York City taxis to be yellow?” and “What percentage of taxi drivers own their own medallion?” and “How much is a typical yellow taxi medallion worth?”

Riders also can suggest their own questions to the TLC.

“With 25 million viewers watching Jeopardy each week, people’s love of trivia is anything but trivial and so we thought passengers would enjoy testing their taxi savvy right there on the taxi TV screen,” TLC Chairman David Yassky said.

This isn’t the first time the TLC has used backseat technology to interact with riders, who take some 500,000 trips each day. Early this year, nearly 100,000 riders cast ballots in cabs in advance of the Academy Awards.

Among riders, Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor as “Lincoln” and Jessica Chastain took Best Actress for her performance in “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Oh, here are your trivia answers. Mayor Lindsay is responsible for the color of the taxi fleet, 33% of drivers own their own medallions and the average medallion is worth $1.2 million.

Anyone with a suggested trivia question should email or tweet #taxitrivia @nyctaxi.

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