Turns out an honest and resourceful cabbie returned the lost wedding day memories that were left behind in the trunk of his ride.

The canister full of checks, cards and other mementos from the nuptials of Christine Herrick and David Fitzhenry became lost early Sunday, nearly ruining the couple’s wedding and sparking a frantic search.

The dragnet continued Tuesday even after the decent driver of the cab, Haron ur Rashid, had already handed over the priceless box to the doorman of the new couple’s Battery Park City building Monday afternoon.

But the newlyweds, who at first considered canceling their honeymoon over the lost keepsakes, had already flown to Mexico and didn’t know it had been returned.

Rashid’s good deed was only discovered Tuesday evening when a relative of Fitzhenry stopped a taxi with the telltale Pepsi ad on its roof, like the one where the container was lost, found Rashid and called off the search.

“I said to him, ‘Brother, I found it,'” Rashid, 50, told the Daily News last night.

Rashid said he discovered a container at the end of his shift Sunday and waited a day for someone to claim it. He opened the box on Monday and saw that it was brimming with wedding presents.

His 17-year-old daughter, Nusrrat Nishu, convinced him to look for an address, which they found in one of the envelopes, Rashid said.

“I tell the doorman ‘This is important,'” said the hack, who lives in Castle Hill, the Bronx, and has been driving taxis in the city for five years.

“It’s unbelievable they way we found out about it,” said the groom’s father, Jim Fitzhenry, who already notified the young couple of the storybook ending.

“They’re thrilled, they already called the doorman, so it’s wonderful,” he said.


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