To be a good taxi driver in New York, you have to look ahead and think ahead. “You see a garbage truck in the street, you don’t go into that street. It will take you 20 minutes to get out of there, and time is money.” Another tip: ”When you get in an accident, don’t panic… The less you say the better.”

Those sagacious gems of advice to a new taxi driver are captured in a documentary from Weinstein Film Productions about life as a cabbie called “Drivers Wanted.” The filmmakers hailed rides around the city to interview mechanics, owners, and fiesty office clerks in a long-established cab company in Queens, NY and deliver a deeper look at an iconic, and “slightly seedy” NY institution: the yellow cab.

The highlight of the film, at least based on the early tid bits we’ve seen, is “Spider” a 93 year-old cabbie who just retired. To drive 12 hours a day for 45 years you have to have an unusual relationship with the city’s 6174 miles of road, and “Spider” does: ”I love the traffic. The worse the traffic, the better I like it. It keeps me alert.”

The film opens in NYC tonight and to wider release in the coming weeks. Find theaters here.

Watch the trailer:


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