New Opportunities to Gather Data

TLC has been approached by manufacturers and taxicab owners who are interested in testing data collection devices such as cameras (drivecam) and “black box”recorders. To properly evaluate these suggestions, TLC needs to learn more about capabilities, functionality, and costs.

Proposed Pilot Program


Drivequest Technologies has proposed a pilot program using
windshield-mounted cameras.

The MACBOX III camera can record what happened in the case of
an accident or other road incident.

Additional manufacturers might be interested in providing similar
devices for taxicabs and FHVs.

Testing, including passenger and driver surveys (as well as continued discussions with manufacturers and installers) would be required to properly evaluate the systems.

The Commission should examine the outcomes of the pilot
program after 6-12 months of testing.

Why data recorders?

*Potential increase in safety.

*Potential decrease in insurance costs.

*Similar devices are already in use in the Black Car and Luxury Limousine industries, resulting in lower insurance rates.

*Medallion Taxicab owner-drivers and FHV owners drivers and FHV owners already permitted to use cabin cameras.

*T- PEP experience has taught TLC and owners that readily accessible data helps with policy and business management decisions.


*13 Month maximum installation and evaluation period.

*Up to 10 cabs allowed per manufacturer.

*Unlimited number of manufacturers allowed.

*Inspection and evaluation for safety by TLC’’s Safety and Emissions division.

*Taxicabs with cameras that record the cabin will be marked with “You may be recorded” decals for passenger information.

Testing would include gathering information on:

Owner satisfaction
Driver satisfaction
Passenger satisfaction
Focus groups and real life road testing
Usefulness for owners and the insurance industry

*Not limited to drivecams or interior cameras.

*Broad interest from a variety of manufacturers.

*TLC will talk to manufacturers of a diverse range of data recorders to find the best match for the industry as a whole.for the industry as a whole.

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