The year 2008 has once again been a transformative one for the TLC, as well as for all of our regulated industries. While the economic downturn has resulted in challenges to all of the TLC’s regulated industries, your combined efforts have continued to serve the riding public well, and have helped to keep your industries strong and vital, and in some instances have even helped to make our world a better and healthier place for ourselves and for our children to grow. Whether you are a member of the taxicab or for-hire vehicle industries, each and every one of you reading this message has contributed to these achievements, even if by simply following our regulations and providing quality service.

At this time of joy, when we pause from our work to celebrate with friends and family, allow me to add my personal wish for a most Happy and Healthy Holiday season, and a joyous, healthy and prosperous New Year for each of you and your families.

Let us also take a moment to think about those who have lost family and friends, or have suffered difficult times over the past year. Let us remember them in our prayers and lend them our strength so that they may enter the New Year renewed and refreshed, and with their burdens lightened, if not lifted.

Celebrate… and enjoy!


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