Getting into a taxi was a little like getting into a time machine this week.

A ticker-tape of headlines that runs along the bottom of TV screens in many yellow taxis displayed news items that were weeks old because of a technical snafu.

Jesse Davis, president of Creative Mobile Technologies, the company that runs the technical side of NY10, said the problem was a failure to communicate.

WNBC changed the source of its local news feed, but Davis’ company didn’t get the memo, so it didn’t make needed changes in the system.

Riders tuning into the latest happenings found not-so-breaking news from Oct. 26: the Giants beating the Steelers, the Jets besting the Chiefs and a car slamming into a Manhattan restaurant.

“It’s a technical glitch,” said Jennifer Vessio, a spokeswoman for NBC, which provides the news content for the taxi channel, known as NY10.

The result was old ticker headlines, though the on-air news updates from WNBC anchors – which are changed twice a day – remained fresh, he said.

He said the problem is easy to fix, and the local headlines should be current within a few days.

“The biggest concern anyone has is stale content,” Davis said of NY10, which plays in more than 5,000 cabs.

He said he learned of the problem from the Daily News, not riders, though the outdated feeds did catch the eye of some passengers.

“I have noticed,” said Vanessa Smith, 35, of Manhattan. “There have been the same headlines for two weeks.”

Charles Freeman, an investment banker working in midtown, said he wasn’t upset about the flub because he doesn’t rely on cabs for what’s happening in the world.

“I know that when I’m in the cab, the news is stale,” he said. “I’m just there to take a ride. The TV is just an added thing. I’m neutral.”

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