The city launched an investigation yesterday to find out why several cab companies allowed a violent taxi driver to get behind the wheel after he was arrested three times and his license was suspended.

The city Taxi and Limousine Commission, which regulates the cab industry, also said it may shut down the companies that permitted Ramez Akladious, 26, to drive cabs with three open suspensions and an arrest record.

“The TLC has commenced an investigation into the circumstances of this individual having access to a taxicab while under active license suspensions with the goal of holding the responsible fleets and/or leasing agents fully accountable,” agency spokesman Allan Fromberg said.

The TLC launched the probe after The Post reported Akladious hurled racial epithets, spat at and grabbed the coat of a female passenger who turned out to be a TLC operations manager after a dispute over her fare.

TLC Commissioner Matthew Daus on Friday revoked his license at the recommendation of a city administrative law judge.

Sources said Akladious appears to have hopped from one cab company to another to “try to stay under the radar screen.”

After his first arrest last May for punching another cabby in the head during a traffic jam in Manhattan, the TLC suspended Akladious’ license, but he was still given a cab.

“He’s the worst cabby ever,” said the victim, driver Rahmatullah Taher, 47. “He should not be driving for the yellow cabs.”

Another victim was horrified to learn Akladious was still driving after he was indicted for slashing the man in the arm with a boxcutter during an argument over the route Akladious took in Manhattan last June.

“I saw his face in the paper. I got the chills. It stresses me out to see his face,” Brooklyn resident Kevin Perez said after reading the story. “I didn’t take a cab for two to three months after the attack.”

Both cases are pending court appearances.

Additional reporting by Jamie Schram

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