Electronic Hailing and Payment

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) reminds medallion taxicab drivers and owners that it has NOT authorized any electronic hailing or payment applications (“apps”) for use in New York City taxicabs.

In light of the recent release of applications which may permit the electronic hailing of taxicabs and payment of taxi fares, including a release by UBER, taxicab drivers and owners are reminded that:

  • Taxi fares must be accurately entered into the TPEP system.  A passenger paying by credit or debit card must use the TPEP system.
  • TLC rules also require that medallion owners maintain accurate trip records; if a driver accepts payment of taxi fares through a payment app not connected to the TPEP system, the trip records will not be accurate and the medallion owner will be summonsed.
  • A driver cannot charge a passenger more than the fare on the meter for a taxi ride.  If a driver uses a payment app that charges the passenger more than the fare on the meter for a taxi ride, the driver is responsible for a passenger overcharge.
  • A driver must not use any electronic communication device, including a cell phone or smartphone running a hail or payment app while operating a taxicab.  Any driver using such a device at any time except when the taxi is legally standing will be summonsed.

Drivers and owners are reminded that violations of Commission rules can lead to fines and, in some cases, the suspension or revocation of their TLC license.

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